Itinerary and Upcoming Engagements in 2017
Sept 14-19
Miltinnie Yih Walnut, CA
Sept 27-Oct 1
Lee & Miltinnie Yih
Sonoma Study Group
Santa Rosa, CA
Oct 12-16
Miltinnie Yih
Women's Conference
Buelah Beach Conference Center
Cleveland, OH
Oct 27-30
Lee & Miltinnie Yih
Wedding of James and Sonia
Houston, TX
Nov 3-5
Lee Yih
"Guys' Thing" Conference
Marconi Conference Center
Pt Reyes, CA
Nov 26
Lee Yih
CCFC Church, Sunday Sermon
Palo Alto, CA
Dec 1-3
Lee Yih
"Zion Boot Camp" Mens' Conference
Zion National Park, UT

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