3M Conference Vision Letter 2007-2008 - by Lee Yih

Discipleship Journal Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan
- It is essential to be in the Word on a daily basis, in order to grow in one's faith in God and knowledge of His truth. This is a year-long schedule of 2 readings per day to help pace yourself toward the goal of reading the Bible through in one year.

Bible Study Tools
- A list of recommended Bible Study Resources.


Walt Henrichsen's talks
- Download and listen to over 200 audio recordings Walt Henrichsen's talks over the years.

"Wedding Homily" - by Walt Henrichsen
- Homily given by Walt Henrichsen in 2007 exhorting the charge for marriage from Ephesians 5.

"Born to Be Slaves" - by Walt Henrichsen
- Outlined notes on the talk given by Walt Henrichsen on what it means to be slaves to God.


"Poker and the Game of Life"
- Evangelistic talk given by Lee Yih at a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament in 2007, illustrating analogies between Poker and the Christian Life.

- Powerpoint slide build-up of chart illustrating the big picture of Macro Christianity.

"In-tensional Salvation"
- Talk given by Lee Yih on the tension between Grace and Works, answering the question whether how you live your life on earth affects your eternity.

"Toward a Biblical Theology of Rewards"
- Essay written by Christie Chong on the Biblical basis for a theology on rewards in Heaven.

"Parenting a Special Child"
- Article written by Miltinnie Yih on how her faith has helped her parent a special-needs child and how this experience has impacted her faith.

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