In the words of people who have participated in the ministry of Layman's Foundation:

China Scholars

"One of the most important things I have learned in my time with Lee is discipleship. Previously I thought my faith was measured by how much time I spent at a church per week. I did serve a lot in many activities and thought I was qualified as a good follower of Jesus. However, through the Bible studies at Lee's place, I realized that the most important thing is to invest my time on people and make life-to-life impact, which Jesus has done to his disciples. There is no true Christianity without life change. Thus I started to meet with younger brothers, pray with them, read Bible with them, and more importantly, share my life with them. Nothing brings me more joy than to see their life growth. My own life is changing too and I can see discipleship taking effects not only in my daily devotion time, but also in my work place and my marriage. I will continue on this work and I know this is a ministry that lasts long." - David B.

"Originally born in China and ingrained with atheism before I came to the United States, by God's grace I started really knowing Christ through Lee's Bible study and discipleship while I studied at Harvard. I became fully convicted and truly repented and accepted our Lord Christ as the Savior after I finished studying Romans Chapters 1-8 with Lee. Three important things I've learnt from Lee and his ministry over the past decade, i.e., developing a habit of studying God's Word in depth (2 Timothy 3:15-17), striving for obedience to God's Word (John 14:15) and seeking a life of doing layman ministry, i.e., doing the Great Commission as a layman by sharing gospel and doing discipleship (2 Timothy 2:2). Both Lee and his wife Miltinnie have practiced what they have taught me. They are a great example for me and my family to follow: When we focus on these three most important matters through the help of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:16), we will renew our minds (Romans 12:2), desire for obedience (John 14:23) and have an abundant life in Christ (John 10:10) by laying up true treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20)." - J.W. 9/22/2017

"I have been converted to the Christ through Lee and Miltinnie's ministry. I started going to Lee's Bible Study in the early 2014 as a seeker. Two months later, Lee led me to the Christ in their house. Before Thanksgiving in 2015, Lee baptized me in a local church. But I think the time I had really received the Savior was the third year of Bible study with Lee. I know my life has never been the same since the middle of 2016. My transformation taking more than three years, even after confession and baptism, reminds me of three observations.

First, Christianity is a religion of life change. Like any permanent change, it takes time for one to truly follow the Christ. Second, life change happens through long-lasting work. In my four years with Lee and Miltinnie, unless they traveled out of town, we usually had a Bible study on Saturday morning in their house twice a month. This has not been changed until Lee and Miltinnie moved out of Boston in 2017. As far as I recall, Lee never canceled a single Bible study because of any personal reason, nor did he fail to deliver a well-prepared Bible study. I believe this consistency helped me reach that permanent change point. Third, long-lasting work is a result of unfading faith. Lee's diligent and dedicated work of ministry is not only driven by his solid character, though he is tough, but rooted on his deep love and humble obedience towards our Lord. This is why Lee is always full of passion when he talks about our Savior, and never hesitates to expose his dependence on Him.

In the Epistle to the Ephesians, Paul wrote that "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works". I pray that Lee and Miltinnie's ministry is one of the best workmanship in our Father’s almighty plan, and so their good works will glorify Jesus Christ, our only Lord and Savior." - Kevin K.

"Lee taught me that ministry is about transformation, and to see that, a retail rather than wholesale approach is essential. Before I came to Boston and for the first few years in Boston, I was involved heavily in institutional ministry that involves significant events, administration, and meetings to plan things. I came to see that there is little that these things contribute to transformation, at least as far as I could see. Learning from Lee, I began to minister and disciple to individuals at where they are, with approach custom tailored to them instead of offering something that is one size fit all. I have had the pleasure to disciple a young, initially unserious believer who came to maturity in the faith, a non believer who has recently come to the faith, and a faithful disciple who is currently being equipped for ministry.

There are important ethos in the Bible that I have learned from Lee which I have not often seen taught in the church. They include assurance vs certainty, the theology of reward, the principle of delegated authority, the need of intentional effort in sanctification, ministry is in the hands of layman, and so on. Understanding these ethos give me a fuller picture of Christianity and how Christian life is to be lived out. Learning these from Lee also equipped me to teach these to others.

Lastly, I have seen in Lee a model for me to emulate. I have seen an example of what the life of a faithful layman engaged in vocation as his ministry looks like. While I had recognized the importance of Christian parent to raise up Christian children, I did not know what it involves until I have met Lee. From him I learned that children's worldview, value, and way of thinking are to come from the parents, not from the school. How it is done is by holding courts, processing with the children in what they have learned and experienced during the day. And I have witnessed the ways Lee does ministry which I have also adopted in my own. I still remember at a baptism event when Lee baptized five men, at the lunch afterwards he talked to a non Christian lady with intentionality and at the right time, invited her to become Christian, which she did on the spot. The kind of intentionality and directness are something I have tried to emulate ever since." - Mark K.

"My wife and I have attended the Yihs' studies for over 5 years. Their studies teach how to gain understanding of the Bible and apply it to our lives. Lee's classes comprise students with a range of spiritual maturities who are encouraged to engage and learn from each other. With his guidance, this discourse has given me a better understanding of God's ways and clarified my position on faith, purpose, relationships and worldly culture. The Yihs' studies are a call to glorify God through edification and evangelism. This life priority is evident in their daily obedience to investing in relationships, discipling others and seeking Godly solutions to worldly problems. The fruits of their ministry are seen in the transformation of many lives and priorities including ours. We have never experienced such effective learning, nor known such gifted and engaged teachers, for which we are ever grateful." - Mark S.


"The 3M Conference in short transformed my view of ministry. The teaching is unlike anything I have ever heard in my church or at other conferences--it is deeply rooted in the Scriptures to provide a Biblical basis for investing your life in eternal purposes. It is not simply a three day conference but is training for a lifestyle of ministry focused on the lay person. If you are only interested in ministry within the four walls of the church, this conference is not for you. If you are interested in a chill weekend of easy, ear tickling teaching, this conference is not for you. If you believe that ministry is the responsibility of your pastoral staff, then this conference is not for you. If you are, however, interested in being challenged by the Scriptures and actually apply what you learn, inspired by laymen who are passionate practitioners of evangelism and discipleship as a lifestyle and not a program, then you are more than welcome. You will not be disappointed." - Kevin C.

"If I could express what I think 3M is about in my words, I would start with saying what I think it is not: 3M is not a one-time conference event, it is not an institution, it's not an organization, it is not a program, it is not a social club for members only, and it's not a time of slick Christian entertainment. In fact, it's really quite simple: get some like-minded people together who want to expand their vision and resources for how to live life preparing for eternity, and want to do so as lay ministers who take the word seriously. In my own experience, it is a very rare opportunity to find people who are committed to a lay ministry lifestyle (and actually find joy in it!). What I mean is a lifestyle of building people up instead of using people to build up programs. Few of us have really seen it in action. It's caught not taught, and the best way to catch it is to take every chance you have to get into the fabric of the lives of the men and women who have been doing it for a long time. So 3M itself is not really an end in itself, but a means to learn from a unique group of believers and to make some lifelong friends and ministry partners based on a shared conviction. If this rings a chord in your heart, then I hope you can make it!" - John Y.

"The 3M Conference is a must for believers who seek to:

  • grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures
  • interact with experienced lay ministers who teach by example
  • be challenged in their application of/obedience to the Word

  • I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the 3M network. Lee and Miltinnie Yih and the mentors that they invite to these conferences have been a tremendous blessing, encouragement and example to me. At the 3M Conference, you will be challenged to approach life with an eternal perspective and invest in the things that bring honor and glory to Christ. As a woman, I'm especially thankful for Miltinnie's teaching, example and emphasis on obedience to the Word. I highly recommend 3M to saints who choose to walk in the truth (3 John 1:4) and deny themselves to follow Christ (Matt 16:24)." - Giselle D.

    "3M is a unique gathering of like-hearted Chinese believers who passionately desire to impact people with the gospel. I've been fortunate to attend all three gatherings and reap so much benefit. God has moved and spoken to me at each of them through a variety of speakers, new friends, fresh perspectives from the Scriptures, and challenges to live a life worthy of my Lord. I am deeply appreciative of the ministry of Lee & Miltinnie Yih along with their friends, who have more than inspired a new generation of radical Christ-loving worshippers. The mentors I've met provide godly cousel and wisdom that will navigate me through the unpredictability of life, marriage, and ministry. The friends I've made are lifetime co-laborers, my spiritual trench buddies until the very end. I'm am thankful to know some of the most awesome men and women this side of heaven." - Mike T.

    "3M has not only been a blessing in my life but a paradigm shift. I have been to 2 conferences and both have challenged the way I study Scripture and how to apply it to my life. I've been privileged to have met some life-long ministry partners along the way. The conferences were just the beginning in cultivating my relationships with fellow attendees and mentors. My life and walk today has been strengthened to another level by the teachings that I gained through 3M. May God continue to grow and bless this ministry!" - Diane N.

    "What makes a person a saint is his/her acceptance of Christ. In their faith, saints find peace and righteousness with God, the so-called "double imputation" through Christ. This is a "positional claim" as we are clearly not righteous in our daily lives, no matter how hard we try to subject our bodies, we are "already but not yet". 3M is a place where saints come together to either encourage or discover what this all means. How can one bring together the seemingly dichotomous or controversial ideas of the bible and look at them face on. If you ascribe to the basic framework of Know --> Be --> Do as the basic premise of life transformation, then 3M is the place where you can ask the tough questions of life; it is a place where you will consistently find biblical teachings; it is where you will bring together the three most important aspects of your life, namely marriage, ministry, and marketplace. Society has influenced us so very deeply that we need to be on a path to de-learn much of our imprecise thinking. The saint no longer can afford to be a passive follower who is tossed to and fro by the values and standards of this world. The remnants need to cultivate a being that incorporates all aspects of life, while holding true to our frailty and humility. 3M will not only change your thinking, but it will also change your very foundation on how you see life." - Joseph N.

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