Update from Lee Yih
Fall 2017

For the last 15 years, the Yihs (and Jansen Wong for the last 6) have run an outreach ministry from their ministry house in Cambridge, MA. The ministry was to Chinese scholars at Harvard, MIT, and a few other colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area. This included teaching 4 Bible studies (separate gender sessions) every two weeks on Saturday mornings, culminating in lunch for 20-25 attendees and their children as well as a weekly Bible Study at Harvard Medical School taught by Jansen. They also hosted other meetings (Fireside Chats with their visiting friends), individual and group meals (Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Graduation), counseling, ppt talks and workshops, all while receiving a constant stream of houseguests to their Cambridge house. Their focus was fulfilling the Great Commission by leading people to a closer, more vital relationship with Jesus Christ: either through conversion if new to the faith, or toward discipleship growth if they already were Christians (see "Our Ministry Philosophy"). One-to-one discipleship occurred through individual opportunities to coach them on life issues such as singleness and marriage, career and work, visas and citizenship, and also through practical help such as rides to the airport, newborn births, grocery and Costco runs, moving house, buying cars, getting old apartment furnishings, or purchasing new clothing for job interviews. In addition to this, Lee and Miltinnie spent 6 weeks each year to visit the Scholars after their return to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Tianjing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong) in order to support and encourage them in the faith with teaching, counseling, and connecting them to other believers.

In the Spring of this year, it became obvious that after 15 years in the Boston area, God was opening the door to a relocation back to our home in the San Francisco Bay Area. With our advanced age, it was something that we took by faith, although we hated to leave our beloved friends back in Cambridge, MA. It soon became clear that God was behind the move as He opened up amazing opportunities to bring our experience to existing China Scholar ministries at Stanford University, UC San Francisco, and UC Berkeley. To see that we could just walk into existing ministries on these three campuses and be invited to participate and do what we have been doing in Cambridge for so many years, was nothing short of the amazing grace of God who was behind this move in so many ways.

In addition to this ministry to Chinese scholars, (involving more than ten Bible studies per month,) we hope to continue our ministry to the existing network of young Chinese professionals that we have cultivated through the 3M ministry that was first started at Harvard University in May of 2004. Thirteen years later, many of these individuals are married and have children, and there is much to do to show them what "retail ministry" with an eternal perspective involves, both in terms of the Marketplace and in Marriage. Finally, as the Lord provides, both Lee and Miltinnie would like to write the two remaining books that the Lord has laid on their hearts ("MacroChristianity" and "Giving Your Children an Eternal Inheritance"), and continue their speaking ministries as well as their annual trips to China. Your periodic prayers for this is greatly coveted.

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