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The Ministry of Lee and Miltinnie Yih

Lee and Miltinnie Yih have been in lay ministry since they moved to Hong Kong in 1985. Since returning to the States in 2002, they have continued this discipleship ministry ever since. They are currently planted in the San Bruno area of Northern California.

Layman's Foundation, Inc was started primarily for ministry among China Scholars at Harvard and MIT. Ours is a 'personal' ministry rather than an 'organization' ministry. By that we mean to focus on spiritual formation and growth in individual lives through one-to-one mentoring, coaching and Bible study instead of growth of an organization. BJ Weber, of the New York Fellowship, calls what we do 'Retail Christianity'. Our methodology involves intense Bible study, Home dinner fellowships, Spiritual Boot Camps, Fireside Chats and lots of 'cross pollination' with members of our network.

Read Lee Yih's Fall 2017 update on their cross-country move.

Lee and Miltinnie Yih

Lee and Miltinnie Yih

3M Focuses
Marketplace: Practical insights on how to use your vocation as your gospel platform
Ministry: Biblical training to help you integrate faith and career as a "lay minister"
Marriage: Principles for finding a mate and developing a life-long partnership

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